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How to Use & Care for Nonstick Cookware

 Why do we all love nonstick cookware? It’s most likely because getting to cook without the worry of clean up creates a more enjoyable experience. Less mess, less work, less cleanup. Easy-release surfaces guarantee a premier cooking and cleanup experience every time. Follow these helpful tips and tricks to maintain the greatest longevity and performance of your 1919 nonstick products.

Prior to Cooking

What you do before you first cook with 1919’s nonstick cookware is very important. You’ll want to wash it in warm, soapy water with ¼ cup of vinegar, to remove any trace of manufacturing oils. Then rinse your cookware and towel dry. Conditioning your nonstick is also an essential step before your first use. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe 1 tsp (5 ml) of vegetable oil around the interior of the pan. Be sure to repeat this conditioning step every few months, or any time food begins to stick to the cooking surface.

Cooking with Nonstick

Nonstick cookware requires far less oil than most products. Its surface treatment allows you to cook more without the use of excess butter or oils.

Always use low to moderate heat. The tri-ply stainless steel generates even-heating so you can trust your products to cook food to its entirety, without having to blast the heat.

Be cautious of using nonstick sprays on nonstick pans. We actually discourage the use of these types of sprays on 1919 nonstick cookware because it can leave a residue that will eventually diminish the nonstick properties. Avoid using nonstick sprays if possible. 



Steps to Cleaning your Nonstick

Step 1: Always allow pan to cool to room temperature before cleaning. Any sudden changes in temperature may cause the metal to warp.

Step 2: Soak your nonstick cookware in warm, soapy water and use a plastic scrubbing pad to gently remove stuck-on food. Avoid the use of metal, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners as they will damage the nonstick coating.

Step 3: To remove water spots or minor stains, wipe down pan with vinegar or lemon juice, then rinse thoroughly with water, and dry with a soft cloth. 

Health Benefits of Nonstick Cookware

Cooking with 1919 nonstick cookware is not only easy but healthy! The Eterna PFOA-free coating is so nonstick that the use of excess oils and butter is completely unnecessary. In fact, using nonstick spray on any of our cookware is discouraged. Adding chemicals to any nonstick surface can leave a residue that will eventually diminish the nonstick properties.

Other Nonstick Cookware Benefits

  • • Even heating: 1919’s nonstick cookware provides even heating from base to rim. This means your meat or vegetables will consistently brown or fry each time, at a much lower temperature. 

    • Quick release: The 1919 nonstick coating allows for easy flipping, folding, and scrambling so you never need to worry about sticky, unmanageable messes. 

    • Oven safe: 1919 nonstick products are suitable for use in ovens up to 400ºF and on gas, glass, and electric cooktops. 

    • Dishwasher safe: All 1919 nonstick products are dishwasher safe up to 400ºF, although we recommend hand-washing. 

    • Classic style: With ergonomic, heat-resistant handles riveted to each pan for the best control, smoothly finished bases, and hand-finished exteriors, our nonstick products are beautiful, as well. 



Using Utensils with Nonstick Cookware

1919 nonstick products can endure just about any cooking utensil you have in your kitchen. Because the Eterna nonstick coating is exceptionally durable, metal utensils should not affect these items. However, in order to extend the life of your cookware, we recommend using wood, plastic, or silicone utensils on nonstick surfaces whenever possible.

Our cookware consists of an Eterna PFOA-free coating. This nonstick surface is specifically engineered to be thicker than most, which means it can withstand a little extra wear and tear. In many traditional nonstick collections, PFOA (Perfluoroctanoic Acid) is a commonly used element in surface coating. Little do most people know PFOA is widely considered to be a pollutant and toxic substance. In line with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), 1919 Cookware has proudly opted not to use PFOA in any of our products. So not only are you getting better-quality cooking performance, but it’s also maximizing its abilities without endangering your health. Nonstick products by 1919 Cookware excel in cleanability, resistance to blistering, and durability, unparalleled by any other nonstick coating.

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